Meet Los Algodones, Baja California

Welcome to Art of Dentistry 

We are located in Los Algodones Baja California. Mexico.


Art of dentistry have all the necessary dental equipment to do a dental work. We can assure you that your dental health is in the best hand. In Art of Dentistry, we are providing a personalized to each one of the patients. We provide quality services prior and during, and post treatment to ensure a 100% satisfaction in our patients and successful treatments worthy of a perfect smile. 

Next, you are about to fill out a form of the initiation of your dental clinical history which will help us to assess and be able to carry up preliminary analysis of your specific treatment. 

Moreover, this important information will allow us to provide you with the necessary follow up for your own satisfaction. We will be proud to see that your smile defines you. 

We kindly ask you to complete all the fields with detailed and specific information. 

We hope your find the questionnaire easy and precise. If you have any concern or question in any areas, please feel free to ask to our phone, (928) 257-3688, we will assist you at any time. 

Remember, we are here to help you! Once again, Welcome to Art of Dentistry! 

DDS Jorge Sánchez

CO Founder & Director at Art of Dentistry