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Welcome to ArtofDentistry

Dentist in Los Algodones - General and Cosmetic Dentistry

Welcome to Art of Dentistry by DDS Jorge Sanchez, where you can find the quality dental care you need to enjoy a lifetime of healthy smiles. Our office features a team of talented dentists with years of experience. Dr. Jorge SanchezDr. Adriana RuvalcabaDr. Cecilio Mendoza, and Dr. Homero Rivera are passionate about helping the smiles in our community and committed to providing personalized care to each and every patient.

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About us

Art of Dentistry is a modern and professional dentistry centre in Los Algodones, Baja California in Mexico. We welcome you to our dental practices for all of our dental treatments. Our aim is to make you as comfortable as possible; we take the time to listen to you, to understand your needs and to provide you with the best treatment that suits your needs. Everything to help you make healthy choices about your mouth and teeth. Dr. Sanchez will guide you to a shiny smile and healthy teeth.

Complete dental care

We provide a full range of dental services under one roof. With this unique range of dental services we can ensure to meet the needs of our patients in the most efficient way possible. We provide a wide variety of dental services consisting of regular treatments, dental hygienists, dentures, dental implants, dental anesthesia, dental veneers, orthodontics and more.

Whether you need an emergency dentist or denture repairs or rebasing we are here to help. Repairs or rebasing of your dentures are often done while waiting. Even more, our anxiety specialists are willing to help you overcome your fear of the dentist. In extreme cases of anxiety we offer dental anesthetic services in our clinic.

The dental care that suits your needs

We attach great importance to the quality of the given dental care, treatments and services. Our dentists are registered in the BIG-register and are fluent in the Dutch language. Some of our specialists are multi-lingual. Our team is constantly educated regarding the newest dental and dental-technical developments. In this way, we can guarantee you high-quality dental treatments which suit your individual needs.

We understand that your smile and oral health are very important aspects of your physical and mental health. We take a professional and accessible approach to what you care the most. We offer comprehensive dental care that suits your needs in a professional and friendly environment.

No dental referral needed

Here at Art of Dentistry you don’t need any extern referrals, in opposite to a lot of other dentistries in Mexico, United States or Canada. We are equipped with a wide variety of specialists under one roof. This is a great convenience for you and your family members when you wish to combine all your scheduled appointments. We are always happy to offer you a detailed dental consultation with one of our specialists. We would like to welcome you as a patient at Art of Dentistry in Los Algodones, Mx., and we always accept new patients!

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Our Mission

"Our mission is to provide to you, our patients, a lifetime of the finest dental care and optimum oral health. Our team is committed to fostering relationships based on trust, excellent customer service and truly listening to your needs. We are dedicated to keeping up with the ever changing advances in dental science and promise to pay careful attention to detail when providing your treatment. With care, timeliness and a gentle touch, we will strive to meet your needs and exceed all of your expectations."

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Our goal is to assist each patient in achieving and maintaining long term dental health and a beautiful smile. If you are looking for a dentist in Yuma, Az or Los Algodones, Mx area, we invite you to browse our website or visit our office to learn more about the services we offer.

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DDS Jorge Sánchez

CO Founder & Director at Art of Dentistry

With more than 10+ years of experience in personalized dental care, Dr. Jorge Sanchez and his specialist team provide the highest standard of dental care for patients. We’ve created a comfortable, relaxing environment where each person will receive the quality care they deserve.

You’ll like our friendly, knowledgeable staff and deluxe amenities. Dr. Sanchez cares about your smile and uses proven therapies and state-of-the-art technology to deliver exceptional service. Changing lives. One smile at a time. Not only focusing on your teeth but at the whole smile!

We provide to patients customized care to create beautiful smiles and lasting oral health, helping you to talk, eat and smile with confidence. We promise to offer honest, quality care, by qualified dentists who will listen and recommend long-term solutions best suited to our patient’s needs and budget. 

Art of Dentistry by D.D.S. Jorge Sanchez
281 Saratoga Avenue
| Los Algodones, B.C.

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My name is Giovanna, and I am ready to help you with your doubts.
My name is Giovanna, and I am ready to help you with your doubts.
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My name is Giovanna, and I am ready to help you with your doubts.


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