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You are older now, and you have a family that you love. You want to take care of your children and your spouse, so you always schedule medical and dental appointments. That’s a wonderful way to get into the good habit of taking care of everyone’s health. At our family dentistry clinic, you’ll find that you can bring the whole family and get in and out in record time. Our team is prepared to work with children or adults, whether it’s for a simple X-ray and a first-time visit or for a longer and planned treatment course for a new set of veneers.
Our teeth whitening dentist can help you with teeth whitening if you have stains or damage that makes your teeth look dark or discolored. Whether it’s from drinking coffee or discoloration from medications, we can take a look at the shade you have versus what you want to have. Then, we’ll put together an excellent treatment plan to help you whiten your teeth up to the shade you need. We can do all of this painlessly and in the care of our dentist, so you’re never left handling your teeth whitening on your own.
Not all dentists are the same, and not all dentists are happy to take entire families. At Art of Dentistry, we’re more than happy to see you and your entire family, because we want you to feel like we’re part of your family, too. Let us help you get back your glowing smile and make you feel secure about your dental health. Call us today to learn more about our services at (658) 517-3517. Our helpful assistant will take your call and help you schedule an appointment. You can also chat with us online or schedule an appointment directly on our treatments and services page.


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