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A severe toothache can take over your life. Highly trained endodontists (dental specialists) repair tissues inside the tooth in intricate ways. They diagnose and treat complex causes of tooth pain, such as tooth abscess (infection). Endodontists perform root canal treatments and other procedures to relieve pain. They work to save your natural tooth.

When should I call an endodontist?

Call a dental provider you trust to evaluate any tooth pain that doesn’t go away or gets worse. Waiting to get your tooth evaluated may decrease the chances your provider will be able to save your natural tooth.

You may need to call an endodontist if you have:

  • Lingering tooth pain.

  • Unexplained pain in your mouth or jaw.

  • Teeth that are sensitive to heat, cold or sweet foods.

  • Inflammation (swelling) near affected teeth or gums.

Some causes of tooth pain (such as a tooth abscess) can pose a serious threat to your health if left untreated long enough. Seek immediate treatment if you injure your mouth in an accident or experience possible signs of infection, such as:

Our Endodontist (Root Canal Dentist)


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Dr. Mendoza provides specialty Endodontic care to patients requiring root canal treatment. He is skilled at all root canal procedures including basic root canal treatment to the most difficult root canal re-treatment cases for adults. Additionally, Dr. Mendoza is skilled at the most delicate microsurgery treatments of the root. He completed her Dental and Endodontic studies at UADG.  He is dedicated to providing the highest standard of care for her patients. Dr. Mendoza has lived in Baja California for more than 30 years and practicing as dentistry since 2006. He is married and has 1 child. 



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281 Saratoga Ave. 21320, Los Algodones, B.C., Mexico

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