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Root Canal Therapy

Repair and Save your Teeth!

  • 1 hour
  • May vary
  • Los Algodones, BC, Mx

Service Description

Many people cringe when they hear “root canal” but the truth is that root canal treatments end tooth pain and save teeth. If decay is allowed to advance without restorative treatment, it may eventually get to the point in which there isn’t enough tooth left to save. In those cases, the tooth must be extracted. No one wants to lose a tooth, so root canals are most certainly a good thing! Root Canal – A root canal is a procedure used to repair and save a tooth that is badly decayed or becomes infected. Although normal tooth decay can become increasingly worse and eventually lead to a root canal, often times blunt trauma can cause the tooth to die as well. Your dentist will remove the dead nerve from the tooth and then seal it off to prevent another infection or abscess from forming around the tooth. If the nerve is not removed the infection will continue to climb deeper into your gums, often causing swelling, pain, and discomfort. When a cavity destroys only tooth enamel or dentin, we can fix the tooth with a filling. If the cavity reaches the pulp chamber, a root canal becomes necessary. Why is this? Cavities are caused by bacteria, which excrete acids that dissolve tooth enamel. If bacteria have reached the inside of the tooth, there is a risk of infection spreading to the rest of the body. This involves cleaning and smoothing the inside of the tooth, including all the small canals that extend from the roots of the tooth (hence the term root canal). What to Expect During Root Canal Therapy If you’ve ever had a filling, root canal therapy is similar to that but involves a few extra steps. When you come in for your appointment, we will examine the tooth and take x-rays to determine the depth and location of the cavity. This helps us plan the procedure and make sure we have the right tools to get started. If you have a toothache that’s been bothering you for a while, call our dental office today. You may need a root canal to preserve the tooth. The sooner you call, the greater the possibility we’ll be able to restore your tooth with root canal therapy. Call us today at (928) 257-3688 to make an appointment.

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Cancellation should be may 24 hours before the appointment date. Contact us or Call us (928) 257-3688 for More Information.

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